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The City Scene from the Sidewalk

     This collection of paintings should be seen as a whole. Each image is a frozen glance, a captured impression along a walk through the streets of this compelling and enigmatic metropolis, New York City. These paintings are drawn on paper by hand, then painted with watercolor, using my photography as reference.

     In the year 2000, I started photographing the city as it reveals itself to me while I'm walking on the sidewalk. I made collections of photographs, and ultimately painted them, and continue to do so. I choose an image, often made up of several photo's taken in the same position over time, I montage and selectively combine them digitally, then print a final image which I use as reference to draw and paint from.

     The process for selecting an image to use for a painting, is entirely intuitive. I could describe what the intuitive points are, vaguely, but I have yet to put it into words exactly. The same goes for the actual execution of the work. I rely on techniques and methods I have developed over the years as an illustrator and graphic artist, but honestly the process is largely occurring somewhere behind my conscious mind.

     The result is this collection of images, brought to us by a mysterious manner of perception just beyond my surface awareness. I'm channeling something here. Something just around the corner of the buildings or through the windows. Something that is quintessentially New York City, picked up by one of its many diverse inhabitants.

     The combination of street corners, light and shadow, folks walking around, the windows, all comprise a gestalt experience which is my perception of this unique urban landscape. Lives within the buildings, past and present.

— Alex Price   02/09/2019